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Organic Products - Best Sellers

Michigan Miessence Organic Personal Care Products
The reason we have some best sellers in our organic product line is because these products work like no others on the market today.  The ingredients are certified organic and created for nourishment of your body. Whether it is to protect (like the Jaffa lip balm), nourish (tea tree soap), exfoliate (Garnet Exfoliant) or smell good (Tahitian Breeze deodorant) all of our favorites are made with pure ingredients from mother nature that help nourish and improve your skin.

Jaffa Lip Balm – certified organic

Made to keep your lips soft and supple, Jaffa Lip balm has a luscious taste of orange and vanilla. Deep penetrating organic shea butter, sunflower and avocado oils, smooth chapped and rough lips.

Garnet Exfoliant

This is one of our top sellers because it is such a wonderful and gentle facial exfoliant.  Most facial scrubs use salt which is very abrasive.  Our exfoliant uses polished, rounded alluvial garnet to clear the dead skin cells from your skin.  Build up of dead cells causes clogging and congestion of your pores. Garnet Exfoliant clears  away the dead skin cells gently and leaves your skin feeling baby soft.

Tahitian Breeze Deodorant

Effective and gentle is the reason why this deodorant is a top seller.  Citrus oils and aloe vera leaf juice combine to make this deodorant stand out as being effective against odor.

Purifying Blemish Gel – certified organic

This wonderful gel is a very potent blend of healing herbs and flowers. Calming marshmallow soothes the angry red of blemishes while plantain and echinacea heal the skin. Our very potent lavender helps heal inflammation as well as regenerate your skin cells.  It’s not only for blemishes!  This wonderful gel is great for cuts and scrapes and takes away the itch of mosquito and insect bites.  Be sure to take it with you everywhere in the summer.  Safe for kids too.

Firming Eye and Neck Serum – certified organic

This deeply moisturizing cream contains organic rosehip seed and avocado oils which help smooth and soften crow’s feet. Organic nettle, hops, horsetail and olive leaf extracts tone and firm the eye and neck area.

Certified Organic Superfoods - Deep Green

Supercharge your health by using the best superfoods on the planet. What makes Miessence Superfoods different? Our range of organic superfood supplements are formulated for high potency and maximum health benefits.
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