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Michigan Miessence: Certified Organic Products

Michigan Miessence Organic Personal Care Products Michigan Miessence: Certified Organic Products
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Why Organic?

The USDA government has very loose regulations when it comes to skin and body care. There are over 10,800 ingredients that have NEVER been tested. Many ingredients and chemicals when combined can cause toxic reactions and cellular breakdown…even cancer.  Miessence is a pioneer in the field of pure skin care. We are proud of  being the first company world wide to obtain certified organic status for skin, body, hair and superfood products.  Why is  Miessence certified organic  status important?  It proves that products are: 100% free of toxic chemicals and synthetics 100% Pure and Potent NO GMO’s much does viagra cost prescriptionThe Certified Organic seal on Miessence products is your guarantee of the authenticity and integrity of our claim that our products are 100% synthetic and chemical free, containing only quality, organic ingredients.
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Miessence Skin Care Products Review

“I love Miessence skin care products. The Balancing Skin Care line has made my skin feel wonderful – clean, clear and even.  I swear the eye cream has decreased wrinkles and the foundation has a perfect light coverage that protects my skin.  And no nasty chemicals – bonus.  Thank you Miessence, I’m so glad I found you.” Marie  from Walled Lake, Michigan
Organic Anti-aging Made fresh every 30 days 100% raw , natural and organic ingredients
Michigan Miessence: Certified Organic Products